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How to Make Afforable Jewelry Last

by How She Styles


I don’t know about you guys, but I love accessories. However I don’t have the money to afford the “nice” stuff. Here are some tips for when your looking for beautiful pieces that don’t break the bank, but also don’t break apart.

The biggest thing you have to worry about with cheap jewelry is tarnishing and things coming off.  Both of these can be avoided with some observation and taking care of the pieces you own!


Necklaces generally are a good purchase on the cheaper end. They generally don’t tarnish from just everyday wear.  Just make sure you DO NOT wear your cheaper necklace into the shower. This is really the case for all cheaper jewelry pieces. Sometimes yes you forget and wear it into the shower, but if you take it off immediately it should be okay.
Also make sure before you buy you check the clasp. This can be another way companies can cheap out. Tug it a few times or try to open an close it a few times to see how the clasp functions. This was you can see if it will break easily when you wear it.


Bracelets are okay when you buy them cheaply. They tarnish more easily than necklaces because they are near your hands and those touch a lot of stuff so there is more rubbing against your bracelet.  So you have to take the same precautions with necklaces except more so because there is more rubbing on your skin.


Rings are probably most well known for tarnishing and discoloration of your skin if you buy them cheaply. And this is 100% true. Rings that are gold plated or fake silver usually tarnish within a wear or two. It’s hard to avoid this because the heat from your hands cause them to leave color and the rubbing causes tarnishing. My advice for buying cheaper rings is to go for sterling silver. I know not everyone is into silver as opposed to gold, but it’s a lower priced option that doesn’t tarnish.  I have a sterling silver ring that I bought at kohls for maybe 10 dollars and I NEVER take it off.  I have worn it to the beach, in the shower, to sleep, etc. It has never tarnished and I have never had a green ring around my finger. It’s a great option that won’t turn your fingers green.


We have all done it, bought the 20 pack of earrings for 5 bucks. It’s a great deal until you have to throw half the sets away. To prevent tarnish, like your necklaces and bracelets, don’t wear them in the water of any kind. As for regular wear it depends on the earring. If it has jewels of some kind check other sets to see if any have lost a piece. Faux pearls generally look great if they are fake pearl material, however if they are silver or gold they can tarnish. Also check the back of the earring on the stud make sure it is not too loose so the earring doesn’t fall out. When your back there also check there the part that goes through your ear it hitting on the earring. I can’t tell you how many time I have found a cute earring and I never wear it because it come so low on my ear, but they were displayed like the point would be at the middle of the earring.
Overall cheap jewelry can be a great way to dress up any look, but you have to make sure you’re getting a piece that lasts.  You need to make sure it doesn’t touch water, go with sterling silver when you can, and test out the parts that may have the most disfunction to get more than what you paid for.

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