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Boots Takes NYC

by How She Styles

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This time last week, beauty bloggers from all over NYC gathered to see what was new from the beauty and skincare brand Boots.  The event was held in what was the biggest Duane Reade I have ever seen!  The atmosphere was wonderful, with food and drinks being served and people chatting about the beauty industry in general.  The best part, of course, was seeing all the new Boots products! The products were laid out so so shoppers could try different lip “cocktails” and I chose a classic red lip combo using the Boots stay perfect lip stain as a lip liner to really make the lipstick stick around. There was also a foundation matching service, where an associate would actually scan your skin to identify your foundation shade.  Watch out Sephora, because Boots is picking up the drugstore game! There were also many helpful beauty advisors who were very knowledgeable of the new products and services Boots had to offer. I had a lot of my questions answered, and of course my hand was covered in swatches.  After all the swatches and fun, the finale was seeing Marina and the Diamonds perform a few songs, and her gorgeous vocals blew me away.  Between beauty, music, and food, it couldn’t have been more fun!

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Now let’s talk about all the new products!  It is obvious that Boots is focusing on long-wearing products with their new Stay Perfect Shade & Define eye shadow sticks and Shine & Tint lip gloss and tint.  I’ll have reviews on both of those in the next few weeks, but just based on my swatches, both of those babies don’t budge!

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Boots Beauty also brought some new products out to their skincare line for both Boots No7 and Botanics. The first thing that caught my eye was the Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil, because I love using oil for my dry skin.  They have also released  toners with different formulations based on skin type, which I love.  Boots also wants to give your skin a natural glow with a radiance serum to brighten over time or their new radiance balm for more immediate results.  I can’t wait to try all these new products!

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