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Best and Worst Matte Lip Products + Swatches

by How She Styles

A matte lip is a huge trend right now and all the cosmetic companies are jumping on board.  I also have a love for the matte lip, so I have tried quite a few.  Here are my best and worst of the matte lip trend.


Best Matte Lip Products


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks (Berlin Pictured)

I was blown away by the long wear of this lipstick.  I wore this for over 12 hours and only needed to reapply it twice. It felt bulletproof through eating and drinking all day long.  It only faded slightly in the middle of the lips, and I was able to reapply with ease, though it did get a little cakey when I reapplied it the second time around hour ten. This line has a shade range with a little of everything, with Lolita as its most popular shade.  I will be buying at least one more of these, but will probably purchase as many as I can get my hands on.


Maybelline Creamy Mattes Lipstick (Touch Of Spice Pictured)

People basically lost their minds when this formula came out, and for good reason. This color range is relatively small considering the amount of colorsensational lipsticks in Maybelline’s regular line, but it has all the classic shades everyone loves.  A cool-toned pink, a deep wine, and a mauvey brown-toned pink were just a few of the shades that were very popular.  This formula is creamy, light, and doesn’t dry out the lips.  These colors will stay on your lips for up to five hours before you have to reapply, and they don’t get cakey.  Finally, if you are not a fan of the scent of the original Maybelline lipstick, these are a little less noticeable.  You need to go out and try this great drugstore formula yourself!


Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks (Matte Naked Pictured)

Milani matte lipsticks have a small range of shades, but the options include a great variety of nude, pink, purple, and red tones.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how creamy these are; They glide over the lips and leave a pure matte finish.  My only gripe is that they don’t wear very long, so you have to reapply, but they don’t seem to get cakey at all. In addition, these lipsticks don’t have the same scent as the original, so if you weren’t a fan of that, you may want to give Milani another chance with the matte formula.


Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain (07 Cherry Blosson Pictured)

Amelia Liana from YouTube loves this line especially in the shade 01—a gorgeous red shade. They recently expanded the line to include about … (ten to fifteen) shades.  The one thing that bothered me about this line was that the color on the lips does not look the same as the product does in the tube.  When I bought one, I thought it would be a dusty rose shade, but it turned out to be a bright cool-toned pink.  I forgot to swatch it at the store and I was very surprised.  The product itself is pretty nice; it’s not very drying and leaves a nice stain after it fades.  I would get another shade from this line, but I would have to swatch at the store first.


Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvets (Meteoric Matte Pictured)

The originals of this line were raved about, so when the matte formula came out, I had to try them. I am in love with the colors, but the formula can get cakey after reapplying so many times. Another issue is that it bleeds a bit outside the lips, so I would wear a lip liner next time.   There are only five or so colors, but the two I have, I really enjoy wearing.  Every time I wear Meteoric Matte I get compliments, and Atomic Rose is perfect for everyday. Check out my full review!


Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon (Glace Pictured)

If you haven’t heard of Bite Beauty, you are missing out!  Bite beauty is a company that makes all of their products out of food-grade ingredients, which means you can eat it, but you won’t want to eat these creamy matte lipsticks.  I love the shade selection ( I think there are about 12 shades) and they are sooo creamy on the lips.  I would say they are comparable to the Maybelline’s mentioned above.  They have a subtle scent and the packaging is simple and sleek.  They last up to six hours before you’ll need to reapply.  These fade evenly and are not cakey after reapplication, and though they have a high price tag, they are definitely worth a try.


NYX Matte Lipsticks (Whipped Caviar Pictured)

The shade selection is probably my favorite part of this line.  There are so many colors to choose from that work on so many different skin tones.  The formula is pretty darn creamy and lasts pretty well on the lips.  When I do need to reapply, I can just apply right on top of my existing product because this doesn’t get cakey after reapplication.  Their nude and pink tones are probably my favorites.


NYX Matte Lip Creams (Antwerp Pictured)

If you want a bright matte lip, go for these matte lip creams.  This line has a smaller color range, but so many fun bright colors.  The formula has a cake batter scent that I love to smell, but it’s strong so if you are sensitive you may not like it.  As for application these apply in like a mousse texture and then dry down matte.  They don’t transfer easily, but when they do you’ll have to remove it all before reapplication because it can get cakey.


Worst Matte Lip Products


Jordana Modern Mattes (Matte Pretty Pictured)

This isn’t exactly bad, there are just a lot of things that are better.  First off this is a demi matte finish which means it’s just a regular lipstick with a fancy name.  I do like the feel on the lips it’s not very drying and it’s a very light formula.  The colors are hit or miss, some are creamy while some apply patchy.  However, if you do get a shade you like grab it because these lipstick are only two or three dollars.  Overall they are nothing special, but for three dollars they aren’t bad.


Wet and Wild Megalast Lipsticks (C905D Pictured)

Another matte formula with a cheap price tag like the Jordana Modern Mattes, but these are waaay more drying.  This formula if like rubbing chalk on your lips and it shows every crack and line.  These may be pigmented and cheap, but they are not worth it if you won’t wear them.



Lime Crime Velvetines (Wicked Pictured)

Everyone raves about these, but honestly the cons outweigh the pros on this one.  First of all they are pretty darn drying, and not just after several hours of wear, but as soon as the product dries.  I always wear lip balm with matte formulas and it just didn’t help with this one. Another problem I had was it bleed outside my lips even when I wore a lip liner.  It was crazy! A few hours later my lips were looking like I had eaten some serious cherry filling it was gross.  I will give this product one thing: it is long wearing.  The inside of the lips will fade after eating something greasy or a few hours of wear, but that outer ring requires actual make up remover so beware.  Finally the color range is so small: it only has like seven colors.  Not worth the 21 dollar price tag.

What are your favorite matte formulas?  Do you prefer regular lipstick or liquid for that perfect matte finish?  Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe!




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