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What I Look Forward to Wearing and Doing This Autumn

by How She Styles

Autumn is my favorite season. It brings me so much joy. From the weather to the colors and all the things you only get to do in fall!

My favorite part of this season is the weather because you get those gorgeous sunny days with a slight breeze and a little chill in the air. Being able to just wear a light sweater and be cozy is one of the best feelings. When I wear a cozy sweater, I love to add a little bit of a feminine touch by wearing a midi skirt. This combo is perfect for those day when it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. To finish off any fall look my doc martens are my go to. It’s the perfect outfit for all the fall activities that I love doing.

My favorite activity in autumn is something I have only done once, but it was so fun that I can’t wait to do it again this year. Apple picking! There is nothing like picking a load of different kinds of fresh apples. It is a nice way to get outside and enjoy the weather. And of course, where there is apple picking there is always pumpkin picking which is also a fun fall activity, but I eat more apples than pumpkins so picking pumpkins slightly less satisfying for me.

After all the picking is done I love to place my chosen pumpkins outside my house for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. For the last couple of years Luke and I have dressed up every year and had a Halloween party which is a blast. Getting our friends together and seeing all the creative costumes is definitely the best part.

Luke and I dressed up for Halloween in 2015 as a tooth and a tooth fairy

The true sign of the season for me isn’t the holiday or the apple picking, but seeing the leaves changing color. This would be the part of autumn that I would miss most if I ever moved somewhere tropical. The colors of trees in fall always takes my breath away. Then when they fall to the ground and you get that satisfying crunch of leaves under your feet is something I always find joy in.

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