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August 2015 Favorites

by How She Styles

I cannot believe fall is already creeping up on us and it’s already September!  This year has been really flying by.  I feel like I am going to blink and this year is going to be over.  I guess we all better make the most of it!  On that note, here are a few of the things I was loving this month.

Tony and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray


A while ago, Estée from essiebutton used this in a tutorial for her hair. She and I have similar hair it seems, ever since got layers in my hair. I love the way the product gives my hair a lot of texture and volume. I have a lot of hair, but since it’s so thin, a lot of product makes it limp and weighs it down. The Tony and Guy texture spray provides the lightweight volume I look for with the ability to keep my layers looking stylishly messy.

Chesapeake Bay Candle in Cassis Blossom ℅ Home Goods


I bought this on a whim as most of my candle purchases, but this one was exactly what I’ve been looking for. It has a soft and clean floral scent, and I have been keeping it lit almost nonstop this month!

Wet & Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eyeshadow primer


This month I lost this primer for about a week and had to go back to the only other eyeshadow primer I have on hand: the LORAC. The LORAC just doesn’t compare, which is funny because the prices are so completely different.The wet & wild one is only about two or three dollars while the LORAC is twenty one dollars!


The Wet & Wild eyeshadow primer keeps my eyes looking fresh and pigmented all day long. It even helps my eyeliner stay in place. I can’t talk this up enough, and I won’t use anything else!

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define Shadow Stick in Cool Mink


IMG_1259 (Shade all the way to the left)

 I picked this up months ago, but this month I have been going with a more simple look using this, liquid eyeliner, and mascara. It’s perfect for those hot summer days.  Make sure you check out my full review coming soon.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Pumps

I recently snatched these up at a sample sale that was happening near my office.  I found them under a pile of clothing and they were actually my size.  It was a fashion miracle!  The leather is so soft and the color is so vibrant I had to put them on as soon as I bought them.  I can’t wait to pair these with more outfits in the fall.

Lady Gaga, The Fame Album

Lady gaga’s first album is my favorite by far so when I needed a good beat to pump me up the morning I had to listen to Gaga. “Paper gangster” has been the song that I always forget  I love. It just has an interesting beat. And of course who doesn’t love “Paparazzi”?


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