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I am sure that most of you reading this spent at least fifty percent of your childhood wearing overalls. I know they were a staple in my childhood wardrobe. There are more than a few pictures from the 90s of me wearing overalls similar to these. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear overalls, they are cute, comfortable, and easy to throw on. I have a corduroy pair that I wear in the fall and winter, so I thought a denim pair would be a welcomed addition to my wardrobe. Here are the three ways I styled this 90’s classic.

Striped Sweater and Bright Sneakers

This is my go-to weekend look. It’s an effortless outfit that looks put together without even trying. Just make sure you keep the sweater fitted so it doesn’t make you look bulky.

Overalls with Striped sweater and bright sneakers

Soft Eyelet and Woven Mules

This is my wear to work outfit when it comes to overalls.  I know some of you are gasping because you would absolutely never wear overalls to work (or aren’t allowed). I would never style overalls in a casual way to work, but I think by adding polished elements give overalls a more professional and work appropriate feel.

overalls with soft eyelet and woven mules

Soft Blouse and Classic Heels

This is a more fashion forward look and not everyone is going to be into it, but I absolutely love it. The juxtaposition between the casual denim with the delicate chiffon feels so fun and new. Adding heels to this outfit makes it feel dressier and more special.

overalls with soft blouse and classic heels

Would you ever wear overalls to work, or at all? Let me know in the comments along with what your favorite (or least favorite) look was!

The Details

Overalls – Universal Thread (Target)

Outfit 1

Sweater – Mossimo (old Target)


Sneakers – Vans

Outfit 2

Blouse – Thrifted


Mules – Universal Thread (Target)

Outfit 3

Blouse – Sanctuary


Heels – Steve Madden

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