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6 Pairs Of Shoes You Need This Fall

by How She Styles

I’ve already mentioned this in a post before, but I am so excited for fall to be right around the corner.  In fact, I happen to be drinking Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice coffee as I write this. Don’t judge me!  I wait all year for the leaves to change and have the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the air.

Anyway, back to the fashion.

Shoes are one fashion piece I have been really into lately.  Designer and fast fashion retailers alike are really pushing the boundaries of shoe design and its making it hard to not go out and buy all the shoes.

After careful consideration I have put together a list of the six pairs you need to complete your fall wardrobe.


6 Must Have Shoes For Fall - Zara Flat Frayed Fabric Mules - The Face Of Style

Mules have been on all of our radar since the summer (for some, even before that). This trend is definitely here to stay.  How could you not love a shoe with no back to rub on your heels and that are easy to slide on as you run out the door?  No complicated laces or buckles, just simply chic.  If you are like me, you already have a pair of open toed mules from the summer months, so fall is a chance to try this trend close toed.

There are a ton of different options and variations when it comes to this trend so you have plenty of options to fit your style.


Mid Calf Sock Boots

6 Must Have Shoes For Fall - Zara Fabric High Hell Ankle Boots - The Face Of Style

I was very unsure of the sock boot trend when it started on the fashion scene (do the kids still say scene?).  I felt like it was a style that was too sexy for any style I was trying to pull off.  But after seeing style star after fashion blogger pairing these with midi dresses and straight leg jeans, I was able to picture these in my wardrobe.

Masculine Loafers

6 Must Have Shoes For Fall - Zara Loafers With Floral Detail - The Face Of Style

This is what I have been waiting for.  I love a good chunky, masculine shoe. I just love adding them to super girly pieces.  For some reason it makes my style heart sing! It doesn’t hurt that super manly shoes tend to be pretty comfy. I recently grabbed a pair in the Zara sale and after breaking them in I have been wearing them nonstop (check them out here). With the nineties trends making a comeback, masculine shoes are here to stay.

Red Patent Leather Ankle Boots

6 Must Have Shoes For Fall - Zara High Heel Faux Leather Patent Boots - The Face Of Style

These seem like the most impractical fashion trend, but I have literally seen them everywhere.  Every fashion and shoe brand is coming out with a version of these.  Every time I convince myself I don’t need them I see look that incorporates them and the flame is reignited. I mean, could these be anymore eighties? If the red scares you, there are even more options in black patent. So like me, you too can live out your dreams of being a fashionable dominatrix.

Anything Velvet

6 Must Have Shoes For Fall - Zara Beaded Velvet Ankle Boots - The Face Of Style

I honestly thought velvet was dead after last season. We saw so much velvet in the fall and winter that I figured everyone would kind of be tired of it. However, it stuck through spring and summer so we could continue living out our “Clueless” fantasies.  I am definitely no mad about this trend.  Who doesn’t love soft, warm materials on their feet.  The added bonus this season is some retailer (*cough* Zara *cough*) are adding embellishment to these already statement shoes. Throwing on a pair of velvet shoes will definitely add some luxe to any outfit.

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