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My 2021 Goals

by How She Styles

Happy New Year! When a new year rolls around, I can’t help but create 2021 goals that I want to accomplish within the year. Something about a new year feels like a clean slate, so it’s nice to give myself new goals.

Reach 500 Subscribers On Youtube

This is a really big reach goal for me, considering I have half that number subscribed to my channel at the moment. This is a goal for me because I would love to connect with more people, and have a larger community on that platform.

To reach this 2021 goal, I am going to use Pinterest and Instagram to showcase all the fun content I am releasing on Youtube and on my blog. I also hope that posting more consistently on all of these platforms will give more people a chance to see my content.

Post 40 Videos and 48 Blogposts

This year I want to create a schedule that allows me to post both blog and video content consistently. In the past I have posted regularly, and then gotten overwhelmed and skipped posting for weeks or months. This year I am working hard to create a content schedule. This will allow me plenty of time to create, edit, and post weekly without getting overwhelmed.

Post Outfits on Instagram Daily

After completing my no buy year, I realized I needed to appreciate what I have. This 2021 goal will help me avoid feeling like I need to buy more clothes. To do this, I am going to post my outfit daily on Instagram for the entire year. This seems simple enough, but I never think to post on Instagram.

To make sure I accomplish this daily goal, I am going to post as soon as I remember even if it’s at 8pm at night. I am also going to pick outfits in advance. When I pick my outfits in advance, I can pick cute styled looks instead of just grabbing the first thing I see in my closet. If you want to see if I complete this goal, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

Meal Prep Once a Week

Meal prepping has been on my list of goals since probably 2018. It’s one goal that is really tough for me because I’m already not a huge fan of cooking. I want to be a person that enjoys cooking, by creating delicious meals.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have eaten out probably twice as much as we have in previous years. This is bad for my health and my wallet. I also want to meal prep to have more control over the ingredients, and portions of my meals.

To accomplish this goal, I am going to choose one or two meals to make. The I will buy the ingredients on Fridays and cook on Sundays. As Luke and I get into the habit of meal prep we will see what works for us. Whether that’s doing a second meal prep mid-week, or making one huge batch meal on Sunday for the whole week. I think this is the year that we will make this goal a reality.

Complete a Low Buy

As you might have seen in my 2020 goals, I have completed my goal of not buying any new clothes. This year I am allowed to shop, but I have strict rules to make sure I am thoughtful about what I bring into my life.

I created an entire video all about the rules I am going to follow so definitely check that out if you want to learn more.

Read/Listen to 26 Books

I love to read, but in the past, I mostly read on public transit to and from work. When I started working from home, reading kind of went out the window because that part of my routine had disappeared.

For 2021, I have decided to make a conscious effort to spend a good chunk of time reading. This goal is a reach for me because if you have done the math, this breaks down to finishing a book every two weeks for the entire year. This means I will probably have to read more than a chapter a day which I am totally okay with. In fact, I hope a byproduct of this goal is me spending more time reading than watching tv.

Do More Things That Make Me Happy

The final goal is one that I am really excited to work towards this year.

In 2020, I spent half the year on furlough free to do with my time what I may. In contrast, the other half of the year I was working from home, trying to catch up, taking on more work, and basically feeling like I was tied to my desk.

The changes I have experienced in 2020 has made me very aware that I need to make time for things that make me happy. These things include, painting, hiking, traveling, dancing, taking walks, and reading. Obviously reading has it’s own goal, but when it comes to all the other things that bring me joy I want to make sure I making time for them weekly.

I am going to accomplish this goal, but planning to do at least one of these things each week and to not focus on anything else while I am doing them. That means no distractions like my phone or tv. I want to take my time and be in the moment.

Those are all the things that I am hoping to accomplish in 2021. To some it may seem like a lot or maybe it doesn’t seem like enough. For me it is the perfect list that will push me to be the person I see myself as. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you are looking to accomplish in 2021!

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